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Hi folks,

thank you very much for my fourth "Daily Deviation Award" regarding my work on the console game "Ryse - Son of Rome". I really didn't expect that and it's again a great honour.

Please also consider, that the following people had a great impact on that work as well:

Level Design: Wayne Adams, Barnaby Zoeller
Lighting: Chris Campbell, Eric Gooch
Particles: Fabio Da Silva, Caleb Essex
Additional assets and support: Elite 3D, Forge, Stefan Heinrich, Robert Hodri, Tom Deerberg and Victor Van't Hek
Hello out there,

today i returned from my vacation and was absolutely surprised by receiving my third daily deviation award. I like to add, that the nominated work is quite old, so i'm even more surprised. Of course i won't be able to thank everyone for his favs personally, so here we go again: Thanks! ;-)

I almost forgot. I work for Crytek since four months. Thanks for your kind reaction after the release of the screenshots. I feel very comfortable over here. ;-)

Edit: Since i recieved so many reactions from you people, i'm not able to thank everyone personal. Thank you very much for your kind reactions and also for your watches, llamas and favs. ;-)
Well! Thanks to all the watches and favs! I can't answer to everyone personally, because deviantArt thinks it's spam when i just post "Thanks" or "Thanks for the watch!"!

Thank you deviantArt... :crash:

first of all i just want to thank everyone for the great feedback i recieved after the release of the first screenshots! I want to clarify (to avoid misunderstandings) that this project is just a personal realtime fantasy environment art project for my application for employment. It's NOT a mod project and i'm NOT planning to release a playable version of this virtual environment. There are rumors that this is a fantasy mod for crysis. This is NOT true. I repeat - it is just a personal art project, although the scene is a playable realtime environment.

Thank you very much,
Finn Meinert Matthiesen


Hallo Leute,

ersteinmal vielen Dank für die positive Resonanz. Ich habe mich sehr über die Reaktionen gefreut und wurde dadurch sehr angenehm überrascht. Allerdings möchte ich mit einem etwas unschönen Gerücht aufräumen. Ich habe nie gesagt/geschrieben, dass es sich um eine Deathmatchmap oder spielbare Mod handeln würde. Dieses Gerücht trifft nicht zu. Ich kann nur wiederholen, dass es sich lediglich um ein persönliches Kunstprojekt für meine Bewerbungsmappe für die Videospielbranche handelt. Zwar ist die Szene in Echtzeit recht flüssig spielbar, allerdings nur zu reinen Demonstrationszwecken gestaltet. Es handelt sich nach wie vor NICHT um eine Mod oder eine spielbare Map!

Nochmals vielen Dank,
Finn Meinert Matthiesen